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“The Belt and Road Initiative” Strategic Cooperation Agreement on International Talent Joint Trainin

On the afternoon of April 4, 2019, the signing ceremony of “The Belt and Road Initiative” Strategic Cooperation Agreement on International Talent Joint Training between the Group Company and Jimei University was successfully held in conference room 103, Shangda Building, Jimei University. Mr. Hu Jiaming, President of the Group, Zhang Yan, Director of the Integrated Office of the Group, Wei Zhiqiang, Senior Director of the Human Resources Department of the Group, Li Qingbiao, President of Jimei University, Cao Minjie, Vice President of Jimei University Office, heads of office of Jimei University, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Overseas Education College and more than 100 international students of Jimei from 23 countries participated in the signing ceremony. The signing ceremony was presided over by Cao Minjie, vice president of Jimei University. In the ceremony, both sides signed the “The Belt and Road Initiative” Strategic Cooperation Agreement on International Talent Joint Training.




Promotional Video of New Ideas for University-Enterprise Cooperation on the New Silk Road   

        The signing ceremony kicked off in a promotional video titled 
“New Ideas for University-Enterprise Cooperation on the New Silk Road”. The short film tells the story of what 32 Angolan students saw and heard after studying in Jimei University of China in 2014 with the fully support of Hyway Group, shows the brilliant achievements of Hyway Group, which has been committed to the construction and development of “The Belt and Road” surrounding countries and the public welfare cause of education for more than ten years, expresses their gratitude to Hyway Group and Jimei University, and presents Jimei University, a century-old University in their minds.




Prof. Li Qingbiao, President of Jimei University, made a speech. He said Jimei University has unique historical traditions and regional advantages in boosting the construction of “The Belt and Road Initiative” and cultivating international talents. Jimei University has always taken National Rejuvenation and Social Progress as its mission, adhered to the principle of “Running the university with the spirit of Jiageng, cultivating the people with honesty and perseverance”, stood out from the tide of The Times, shouldered the historical mission, vigorously developed international education and inherited the excellent Chinese culture. In the new era, Jimei University carries out the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on running a university, takes the initiative to connect and serve the core area of the 21st century maritime silk road, actively explores new ideas of opening up education and international talent training, and is committed to making new and greater contributions to “The Belt and Road Initiative”. He emphasized that Hyway Group’s Spirit of having the courage to take responsibility” and the value pursuit of “Developing Enterprises and Patriotism” is highly consistent with the connotation of “Jiageng Spirit” firmly inherited by our university. This signing ceremony is not only a new platform and a new starting point for the cooperation and exchange between the university and enterprise, but also a positive exploration of the mechanism of university-enterprise cooperation and joint cultivation of international talents. It is also a vivid example of the university actively responding to “The Belt and Road Initiative” and working together with enterprise to promote win-win development. In the future, under the guidance of the national “The Belt and Road Initiative”, both sides will strive to write a new chapter of “The Belt and Road” education practice based on the solid foundation of enhancing the capacity of independent and sustainable economic and social development of countries along “The Belt and Road”.



Hu Jiaming, President of the Group, made a speech. He introduced that Hyway Group has always been committed to providing assistance within its capacity to the local governments and people of African countries over its development process for more than 10 years. The holding of “Jimei University – Hyway International Class” initiated the joint cooperation of education between China’s “Going Global” private enterprise and domestic university, created a new model of “University-enterprise Cooperation and Complementary Advantages” and played a good demonstrational and promotional role for the international talent training model within the framework of “The Belt and Road”. He said that international talents’ training has always been an important strategy for the development of Hyway group. “Jimei University – Hyway International Class” is Hyway Group talent training a milestone, and is a new starting point full of pride. Today’s signing ceremony of “The Belt and Road” Strategic Cooperation Agreement on International Talent Joint Training is the new journey of Hyway Group, and Hyway Group would work with Jimei University to write a new chapter of sincere cooperation.




Both sides signed “The Belt and Road” international talent joint training strategic cooperation agreement. Hyway Group has set up the scholarship for oversea students from countries along “The Belt and Road” line to promote the cultivation of local talents in the countries along “The Belt and Road” line such as Asia, Africa, Europe, America and the Middle East, etc., and to attract and encourage outstanding students from these countries to study in Jimei University. In the current situation of the general lack of international talents needed for “The Belt and Road” construction, both sides actively explore the new mode of university-enterprise cooperation and joint training of international talents.



Discussion after signing ceremony


Take a group photo to mark the occasion




At the beginning of the new century, the forward-looking “Forum on China-Africa Cooperation” started a new era of “Win-Win Cooperation and Common Development” between China and Africa and set off a new wave of Africa’s development.



Hyway Group is one of the earliest Chinese private enterprises that came to Africa and Angola to participate in the construction. At that time, Angola was in great demand for all walks of life. Hyway Group has invested in the infrastructure construction of railways, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and others in Angola.




In 2013, China launched “The Belt and Road Initiative”. After being deeply aware of the backward education and shortage of talents in Africa, Hyway Group donated schools and developed basic education in Angola. In 2014, Hyway Group, under the guidance of the Chinese embassy in Angola, launched a talent training program together with the ministry of transportation and ministry of higher education of the Angolan government, which 32 Angolan youth were fully supported by Hyway Group to study in China, and Jimei University became a friendly partner in joint training of international talents. 



    Today, Hyway Group has grown into a cross-border, multi-industry comprehensive enterprise group, business throughout Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, southeast Asia and other countries and regions along the new ”Silk Road”



    Jimei University, founded by Mr. Chen Jiageng, a patriotic overseas Chinese leader, has always been taken national rejuvenation and social progress as its mission in its 100-year development.




    Like proverb saying “Keep Companion with Like-minded People”, the common pursuit of values and goals enable China Hyway Group to cooperate with Jimei University. Both sides will give full play to their advantages in resources and actively explore deeper cooperation at a higher level and with a wider range of countries, and create a new model of “Going Out” private enterprises in China and domestic university to jointly train international talents from the countries where enterprises make business in the background of “The Belt and Road Initiative”.






Hu Jiaming, President of China Hyway Group Co., LTD:

Over the past decades, Hyway Group has been committed to providing assistance within its capacity to the local government and people while developing its business in African countries. The holding of “Jimei University – Hyway International Class” initiates the joint cooperation of education between China’s “Going Global” private enterprise and domestic university, but is also a successful practice of the two sides in jointly training international talents.



Lu Qile, Deputy Secretary of the party committee of oversea education college:

        We have specially made the “1+4” learning mode, learning language in the first year, and carrying out undergraduate education in the following four years. We also offer special courses on “Traditional Culture”, including calligraphy, painting, martial arts and son on. In the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, Spring Festival and other festivals, we organize a series of rich and colorful traditional culture experience activities.

        Jimei University is a place with strong traditional culture. We should make a deeper exploration in the cultivation of oversea students. Through the Hyway International class project, we can see that Hyway Group has a very broad vision. They have set up several schools in countries along “The Belt and Road” line, hoping to cultivate local talents.



Qiao Kun, A student of Hyway International Class:

I am Qiao Kun, a student of “Jimei University – Hyway International Class”, from Lubango, a small city in Huila province, Angola. In August 2014, we traveled across the ocean from Angola in the southwest of the African continent to the Beautiful Xiamen and Jimei University, a century-old University.

I feel very grateful to Hyway Group for sponsoring us to study in Jimei University. We will graduate in July this year. I have a dream, and we all have dreams! Most of us want to return home to work, and some of us want to engage in China-Africa trade.

I have applied to stay in Jimei University to study for a master’s degree. I believe that China has developed through reform and opening-up, and we in Angola need to learn from China’s successful experience.

Today, Jimei University and Hyway Group hold the signing ceremony of the “Belt and Road Initiative” Strategic Cooperation Agreement on International Talent Joint Training. In the future, Hyway Group will support more young people from more other countries to study in China. I think Hyway Group does a great job and is very great. I hope I can also make some contributions.


Thanks to Jimei University for providing materials